The company collecting National Geographic Kids Direct Debit payments has changed. Previously, subscriptions were being collected by a third party, Galleon CI Ltd. However, following a reorganisation, Direct Debit payments will now be collected by CREATURE MEDIA Ltd, publisher of National Geographic Kids.

The good new is that no action is required to continue receiving National Geographic Kids by Direct Debit. Please be assured that this change will not affect the service you receive in anyway. 

The only change you will notice, is that with effect from 09/11/2017, our name, CREATURE MEDIA Ltd will appear on your bank/building society statement instead of Galleon CI Ltd.  Should you wish to query any Direct Debit with us or your bank/building society please quote our name and your reference number.  There is no need for you to complete a new Direct Debit Instruction, as details of the change will have been supplied to your bank, which may also notify you, independently. 

For your information, the collections will be made using this reference number:      


Service User Number:                       448376